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NEW ARRIVAL Mini Printer Portable Thermal Stickers Arts and Crafts

NEW ARRIVAL Mini Printer Portable Thermal Stickers Arts and Crafts

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Embark on a printing revolution with the Mini Portable Thermal Stickers Printer – your gateway to the future of effortless and efficient printing.

Key Features:

Thermal Magic: Immerse yourself in the wonders of thermal printing technology, where heat becomes the brushstroke transferring ink onto paper. Bid farewell to the complexities of traditional inkjet printers and embrace a world of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Wireless Wonder: Experience the freedom of Bluetooth wireless connectivity. No more hassle with cables or network connections – effortlessly connect your Android or iOS device and let the magic unfold at your fingertips.

On-the-Go Companion: Meet Olaf's mini printer, a compact and lightweight marvel designed to be your perfect on-the-go printing partner. Wherever life takes you, this printer follows, ready to meet all your portable printing needs with style.

Speedy Delivery: With an impressive print speed of 33 pages per minute, Olaf's mini printer doesn't just deliver; it does so swiftly and efficiently. From documents to labels, and even photos – experience precision and finesse in every print.


  • Product Name: Mini Portable Printer
  • Printing Parameters: 200DPI
  • Printing Method: Thermal Inkless Black and White Printing
  • Battery Capacity: 1200mA 3.7V Lithium Battery with 2A Charging
  • Printing Paper Size: 57X25mm
  • Connection Method: Bluetooth Wireless Inkless Black and White Printing
  • Shipping List: Printer, Charging Cable, Manual, and 1 Roll of Printing Paper
  • Paper Weight: Approximately 20 grams per roll
  • Features: Mini Portable, Unleash the Power of Portable Printing
  • Language Options: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese
  • Product Dimensions: 110 X 80 X 35 MM
  • Gross Weight: Approximately 200 grams per unit

Important Notes:

  • Device Compatibility: Seamlessly connect with Android (version 4.0 and above) using "FunPrint iPrint" or iOS (version 10.0 and above) through the App Store. Upgrade to system versions 5.0 and 11.0, respectively, for optimal performance.

  • Proper Paper Placement: Ensure flawless printing by following the provided instructions for correct paper placement, preventing any potential issues.

  • Text Permanence: Delve into the thermal sensitivity of the printer, offering text retention for approximately 1 year (theoretical time).

  • Printing Paper: The printer uses 57X25mm paper, and additional original printing paper is readily available for easy replacement.

Join the printing revolution – embrace innovation, efficiency, and style with the Mini Portable Thermal Stickers Printer!

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