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Mini Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Mini Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

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Turn Any Device Into A Laptop

Transform any smartphone or tablet into a powerhouse of productivity. Engineered for seamless compatibility with Bluetooth-enabled devices, this innovative board offers a game-changing solution to elevate your work experience on the go. Effortlessly attach your device for an enhanced viewing setup and enjoy a cozy typing experience that's second to none. Plus, with an impressive battery life exceeding 90 hours on a single charge, your productivity knows no bounds. Say hello to your portable office companion, designed to redefine work flexibility without compromising efficiency.


Pocket Size and Compact

Experience ultimate portability without compromising productivity with the mini keyboard. Weighing a mere 5.82 ounces and folding effortlessly, this palm-sized keyboard is your ticket to an office-like setup wherever you roam. Whether it's a bustling coffee shop or a journey on the road, unfold the keyboard for instant, hassle-free work mode. Bid farewell to bulky laptops—simply slip this compact marvel into your pocket or bag and transform any space into your personal workstation.


Wide Compatibility

The mini keyboard is compatible with all Apple, Android, and Windows phones or tablets.
Do you work off multiple devices? The mini keyboard has enough memory to hold up to 3 devices on its Bluetooth memory.
Simply press the CONNECT button to swiftly pair with your devices.
Unlike other portable phone or tablet keyboards, the mini keyboard incorporates a built-in stand for convenient device support.

Comfortable Typing Experience 

Typically, keyboards don't offer much comfort and can cause wrist pain over extended periods, unlike the keyboard which provides a soothing typing experience.
The mini wireless keyboard has a built-in stand that allows you to place your phone or tablet vertically or horizontally.
Not only can you freely adjust the board's viewing angle to your liking, but its ultra-thin aluminum alloy build enables your hands to rest comfortably and level with the board.
Enjoy oddly satisfying, quiet keystrokes that require minimal pressure to press.

Fast Charging and Easy To Use

Built-in lithium battery can be used for 50 hours of continuous operation or 90 days of standby.
Charge for only 2 hours to reach the maximum charge of 90 hours.
The mini keyboard can be charged with a micro USB.  

Specification: Built-in USA BROADCOM Bluetooth Module 4.0Suitable for Android & Windows & IOS systems tablets, smartphone, etc. With two hideable and 90 degree rotatable stands ,can hold devices in a perfect angle. Foldable design ,convenient to carry. With 3 Bluetooth devices’ memory ,easy to change among them. MICRO USB interface, easy to charge. Built-in rechargeable 160mAh lithium battery. Light weight ,quiet keystrokes. Energy saving keyboard in sleep mode.

Front: Plastic Backboard: Aluminum Alloy Stands: Plastic Item weight: 165 g

What you Get:1x Mini Bluetooth Keyboard1x User Instruction

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